Water and Heat Proofing Solution

We diagnose your issues and design the best possible waterproofing solution in accordance to your roofing system!

Whether it’s below grade or above, new construction or garden roof, our waterproofing services will help you find our best solution to fit your individual situation and property.

Thus, we hold expertise in providing the most suitable, long lasting Waterproofing solutions for individual as well as corporate customers in Pakistan. Precise information about their requirements is the foundation where targets are set, and the optimal solution agreed and provided.

Looking for a well-equipped and reputable company with a proficient team involved in structural repairing, water/heat proofing & seepage control solution to customers belong to industries, residential units and commercial buildings?

MM Fast Solutions Enterprises, is the right choice for you!

Do you face the leakage of water from the roofs of your office, factory, school or home? For instance there is heavy rainfall and you have to apply Plaster to your roof which makes it even heavier

For the first time in Pakistan, we have introduced light weight and foam-flexible chemical which helps to prevent leakage of roofs and make your roofs even safer and prone to water!

We are well-equipped with all the material required to make the roofs waterproof, which is 100% imported with no side effects and easy application on all surfaces including iron, Rcc, cement sheet etc.

Why choose us

We are one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of roofing treatment materials in Pakistan and have many years of successful experience in this field. We have ready to use fluid roof materials which provide a joint free, seamless, insulated and waterproof elastic protective membrane for roofs, foundation & buildings.

Our waterproofing and insulation membrane is suitable for all kinds of roofing material like asphalt, asbestos, cement, metal, wood, terrazzo tiles and concrete etc. You can use it by yourself or you may ask our engineer & consultant to apply in your building roof.

We are providing our services in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and other major cities of Pakistan.

Need of Roof waterproofing

Water proofing system is one of the highest quality of water proofing system available. It is recognized by factory mutual as a class of water proofing system. Water Proofing is designed for all type of masonry surfaces such as foundation walls, concrete panels, exterior walls, basement & retaining walls and tanks. This chemical mixed with water and opc and fully reinforced with water proofing fabric, forms a hard wearing flexible compound that is the best fit for a waterproof roof.

Check for damage in the roofing material directly above where the leak is coming in. This will likely be easier to find on a flat roof, but leaks can also come into the house a good distance from where the actual roof damage is located.

If your roof is slanted, inspect areas on the roof that are higher than where the leak enters the home. If you have an attic, inspect it with a flash light for water stains, black marks or mold. Run a hose along different sections of the roof and have a person inside alert you when leaking occurs.

How a building is used and constructed are key factors in the selection of the correct waterproofing system -the options are as varied as the requirements.

How we do it

First we wash the roof completely and apply primer coat to fill all the thin cracks. Then we apply flexible chemical for coating. Once the cracks are filled, imported sheet is pasted with chemical. After it, 2 more coats are applied.

We provide eco-friendly and cost effective solution to your roof problems!

We have all kind of material required in flat, low slope concrete and all type of roofs, parapit walls, floor slabs, bridge decks, foundations, basements, retaining walls, sewerage tank lining and roof garden etc. Moreover, we are the Leading Suppliers of SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes and APP Modified Bitumen Membranes in Lahore, Pakistan.

We have the perfect solution for every situation, whether the membrane coverings are bituminous-based, plastic or resinous, whether the insulation is PIR, EPS or mineral wool, and whether you want to add a simple green roof, the most complex recreational facility or photovoltaic arrays at the top of your roof.

Perpendicular joints in sun roofs and parapet walls are prone to cracks because of differential expansion and contract due to weather changes and general vibrations that affect a building. These can cause cracks which allow water to seep through and reach the interior ceilings and walls causing dampness.

We are offering highly effective SBS Membranes at affordable prices. Our APP Membranes are manufactured by high grade raw materials. We always strive to provide our customers the latest technology to take advantage of highly effective & eco-friendly waterproofing solution.

Advantages of using our Roof waterproofing services

After Water Proofing, if water falls on your roof, then chemical used in your roof helps it to get absorbed and not to drain. We offer one of the most comprehensive range of below and above-ground waterproofing product systems, manufactured to the highest quality standards backed by independent test certificates. Our wealth of experienced technical experts and specification managers will help you find the best system solution for your project from basement to roof.

Whether your structure will be affected by rainwater, groundwater or contaminates contained within the ground soil, we can provide system solutions to meet these demands.

Our innovative pre-applied waterproofing system has been successfully installed below-ground in many projects around the world ensuring structural integrity and long term durability of the structure.

From basement to roof, we can assist you to achieve the best waterproofing solution for your project:

  • Cost effective project specific solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio choice
  • Easily applied systems
  • Proven technologies ensuring long term durability
  • Expert technical advice and customer service

Contact Information

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to entertain your queries and to guide you even more about our services and experience. All the team members are highly eligible and proficient in the tasks they are supposed to perform.

In order to know more about our waterproofing services, or to give us your valuable feedback, you can use the following contact information:

  • Waterprooïng for roofs ranging from asphalt, asbestos cement to concrete and terrazzo tiles. Recommended for both horizontal and inclined structures.
  • Waterprooing membrane for FLAT ROOFING SYSTEM (traditional and inversed)


  • Old asphalt Surfaces and a halt roofing fell after cleaning must be primed with HOME GUARD UV W Diluted with 20% sweet water. This would strengthen the weathered surfaces. Blister in asphalt roofing felt must be cut open cross wise, dried bonded with suitable adh
  • Damaged or washed-out joints should be cleaned and repaired with Fl0wGr0ut 702. After through cleaning to remove all loose material, prime the entire surface 20% diluted HOME GUARD UVW after the prime is completely dry, the substrate is coated with HOME GUARD UVW   as previously described. Flat roofs without pitch, so called zero pitch roofs , are roof surfaces where puddles may develop and which therefore pose special problems. Puddles after curing cannot be rectified which necessitate redoing the entire waterproofing. Hence the dry weather is a prerequisite to help satisfactory curing and puddles free coating.


  • iron or galvanized: remove loose paint with wire brush. Deiust corroded areas and prime with suitable metal primers.
  • Zinc or aluminum: remove loose paint with wire brush. Remove corrosion if present and prime with solvent primer. Thoroughly remove moss and mildew with wire brush; subsequently clean the surface with a broom. After thorough drying of the primer, application of HOME GUARD UVW  is carried out as previously mentioned.
  • Concrete roofs: after cleaning the roof surfaces, prime with 20% sweet water diluted HOME GUARD UVW  after complete drying of the primer, proceed as described under asphalt roof surfaces to apply UV-500.

This improvised method overcomes the limitation of traditional method and future has the following method :

  • Suppression ofthe vapor barrier.
  • Waterproof membrane protected by insulation.
  • Waterproof membrane no longer subjected to UV rays.
  • Double mechanical protection (insulation and protection)
  • Waterproof membrane, serving as ‘curing’ of treatment, slowing the evaporation of water contained in the concrete roofs slabs, essential in hot climates.

Standard procedures to be followed for cleaning, the substrate and primer coat application. After complete drying of the primer coat, give two coat of UV-500 at the rate of 0.8 kg .per sq .met. making a total of 1.5 kg to 2 kg per.sq.met. including the primer.