Sauna and Steam Bath

Sauna gives many advantages such as increasing the body temperature, release of perspiration, discharge of toxins from body and aggregate of blood circulation. It also winds down the stress and you enjoy the peace of mind. Sauna energizes the cardiovascular system. It produces heat that prepares body to hot weather. If you are under treatment, taking medicine or pregnant, it is wise to consult with the doctor.

Steam Bath

Steam bath ensures the overall well-being of the body. Therapeutic heat of the body open pores of skin and gives soothing effect. If you are suffering from the sinus irritation due to allergy, bronchial infection and coldness, spend a little bit time in steam bath and you will enjoy the flavor of perfect health. It is also fine treatment of nasal congestion, coughing and respiratory symptoms. If you have fallen prey of the muscle or joint problems, steam bath can address the core of the disease. Researchers have found the miracles of steam bath; they conclude that it reduces the speed of aging.